Pauper Commander


Welcome, planeswalker ! This secret archive contains informations about the Pauper Commander MTG format.

Various game formats can be played with Magic the Gathering cards. Pauper Commander is a fun variant of the popular Commander format (also known as EDH).


Pauper Commander games can be 1v1 or multiplayer.

Deck creation

Your deck is based on your commander card. It must be a common or uncommon creature, and has a special importance.

The rest of your deck must contain 99 cards, each unique (except for basic lands). Your cards can't have a color identity that don't match with your commander's color identity. For example, if your commander is blue with a red mana costing ability, then your cards can only be blue and/or red or colorless.

Note than any mana in your mana pool that isn't of a color shared with your commander automatically becomes colorless.

All the 99 cards of your deck must be common cards (they must have been printed in common rarity in at least one set).

Casting your commander

You can cast your commander from a special zone called the Command zone. It starts the game in this zone, and can be cast as if it was in your hand (this means abilities like Evoke, Ninjutsu and Morph can be used to cast it).

Whenever your commander should go to your graveyard or in exile, you can choose to put it back in the Command zone instead, so you can cast it again.

Be careful however : when you cast it from your hand, you have to pay 2 additional mana for each time it was already cast during the game. This additional cost always applies, even with special casting like Evoke, Ninjutsu or Morph.

Winning and losing

Players start with 40 life points. They can lose by normal means (having less than one life point, drawing with an empty library, having 10+ poison counters). They also lose if a single commander inflicted them a total of 21+ combat damage during the game (not necessarily in a single turn). Gaining life does not reduce the damage a commander inflicted.